Bodhi’s Words yoga / Bodhi Rex North / Liam LleweLLyn Badger

your words create your reality

Inner Peace, I am,  Authentic, Awareness, Adventure, Awakening, Acceptance, Accountable, Awe-sum,  Archetype, Ambition, Abundance, Action, Awe B – Believe, Being, Beauty C – Creativity, Conscious, Calling, Core, Centered, Contribution, Certainty, Change, Courage, Confidence, Choice, Clarity D – Dream, Divine, Discovery, Direction, Desire, Destiny E – Envision, Energy, Engage, Empower, Enlightenment, Expression, Expansion, Exploration F – Fate, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, Fun, Focus G – Growth, Gratitude, Grace, Genuine, Generosity H – Honor, Healing I – Inspiration, Imagination, Intentional, Illuminate, Intention, Intrinsic J – Joy, Journey K – Knowledge, Knowing, Kindness L – Love, Laughter M – Manifest, Meaning, Movement N – Natural O – Original, Organic, Optimism, Omen, Opportunity, Openness, Order P – Purpose, Path, Possibility, Passion, Passage, Presence, Patience, Prayer, Power Q – Quiet, Questioning R – Real, Resilience, Reflection, Rebirth, Renaissance, Risk, Resurrection (self), Resolve, Receive, Release S – Spirit, Success, Solitude, Source, Silence, Serenity, Serendipity, Soul work, Simplicity, Sacred, Shift T – Truth, Transformation, Transition, Trust U – Uninhibited V – Vision, Voice, Value, Vulnerable, Venture W – Wisdom, Wholeness, Within, Wealth *** Bodhi’s Daily Words Yoga ***
courageous strength “BRN”





truth Compassion Reaches Out





Faith, Humble & Kind




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