Awake AL / Liam LleweLLyn Badger

AA	rough, cindery lava
AB	abdominal muscle 
AD	advertisement
AE	one
AG	pert. to agriculture

AH	to exclaim in amazement
AI	three-toed sloth
AL	East Indian tree
AM	[be-conj] (to exist)
AN	indefinite article

AR	letter 'r'
AS	to the same degree
AT	in the location of
AW	intj. expressing disbelief
AX	to cut with an ax

AY	aye
BA	eternal soul in Egyptian mythology 
BE	to exist
BI	bisexual
BO	pal

BY	side issue
DE	of, from
DO	to execute/first tone of musical scale
ED	education 
EF	letter 'f' 

EH	intj. used to indicate lack of understanding
EL	letter 'l'
EM	printer's measurement
EN	printer's measurement
ER	intj. expressing hesitation

ES	letter 's'
ET	[eat-conj] (to consume)
EX	letter 'x'
FA	fourth tone of diatonic musical scale 
FE	Hebrew letter (feh, pe) 

GO	to leave/Japanese board game
HA	sound expressing triumph
HE	male person
HI	intj. used as a greeting
HM	intj. expressing thought (hmm)

HO	intj. used to attract attention to something
ID	part of psyche related to instinctual impulses 
IF	possible condition
IN	influence
IS	[be-conj] (to exist)


taoisttempleLiam Llewellyn Badger DLTHighestTruth


Compassion Reaches Out



ST. Chris

April 20, 2016

Go with the Flow



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