Has your intellectual property been outsourced as a Human being /

Human Intellectual property Black Law 10th edition.  pg 930 Domain 591 15c

Human Domain ( doh -mayn ) n , Domain – name – infringement Black Law 591 pg, pg 1987 Black Law 10 th edition. Malice 18c , 14c 1100, 1101 , Ip 15c Royal domain of the Sovereign Vessel of Arc jojo. Douglas Lee Thompson, Dover – Foxcroft , Maine, U.S. Navy.

Human Being IP , intellectual Property, Human being intellectual property Crime C.I.P

Ref: 10 the edition pg 1987, Article 1 : Declaration of Human Rights.

Understanding the connection between U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, Gamestop, U.S Army. and Targeted individuals, I received a post on Facebook from : Noemie Lehouelleur . A key part of my investigation is understanding outsourced

Human being domain’s and intellectual property rights. for Navy Veterans contact: NCIS 3405 Wells St. Bldg 57, SD, CA. 92136-5050 , 1-877-579-3648. in regards to federal gangstalking, gamestop, Military Veterans Human Rights.

Eldon Byrd ran the Marine Corps electromagnetic weapons project in the early 80’s and is one of the very few military mind-control scientists to ever publicly discuss the issue.

he’s not telling the truth here, its a direct domain and IP connection to the Human being.



who is you

Liam Llewellyn Badger DLT Arc jojo




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